About ArtSynergies

ArtSynergies: The power of sharing

Art is a solitary business. Besides the passion to create, being an artist requires training, experience, and skills of entrepreneurship. When a group of artists works well together, it can accomplish more than one artist working alone.

ArtSynergies has come a long way from its founding in 2006 by Mary Doering, Barbara Ford Doyle and Martine Jore. Meeting regularly to explore hands-on printmaking and mixed media techniques they experimented with the advantages of digital technology to broaden their artistic spectrum.

We started off learning together, so we were sharing information from the very beginning.
Mary Doering

Benefits of collaboration include the exchanging of techniques, group discussions of art in progress, and the division of work when planning exhibitions. In 2008, their group show, Digital Transformations, was followed by Digital Printmaking for Fine Art and TRANSFERmations: Mixed Media Digital Printmaking. Eighteen fellow artists linked up with them in 2013 celebrating the integration of digital imaging with the world of studio art in a broadly interpreted exhibition titled, Interplay. Shortly after, four new members joined ArtSynergies—Lee Connolly-Weill, Sara David Ringler, Alan Trugman, and Joyce Zavorskas. They participated in two invitational exhibitions at Cape Cod Community College giving gallery talks and demonstrations to students and to the public. In 2015, at the Cotuit Center for the Arts, ArtSynergies mounted another interpretative show, Exposure: Beneath the Layers. Lee’s mixed media sculptures and Mary’s surrealist series of masked figures were installed with Barbara’s four-color separations, Martine’s photomontages, Sara’s digitally merged monotypes, Alan’s Selfie laminated prints, and Joyce’s layered encaustic-embedded images of eroding bogs.

When creative people work together, there may be varying perspectives, shifts in thinking, and opposing points of view. Each member is encouraged to learn new skills, and to try out different forms of art in a non-competitive atmosphere of mutual encouragement.

Before ArtSynergies, my focus was traditional photography. As a member of a group with such varied mediums, I have opened myself to experimenting with different techniques to express my work.

Alan Trugman

This is the most supportive group of artists I belong to.
Joyce Gardner Zavorskas

We often laugh about our failures and look forward to talking about new directions. We give each other space and accept the challenge to step outside our comfort zones.
Sara David Ringler

Themes for shows allow individual interpretation and varied methods of presentation. In our group statement about Fusion at The Art Complex Museum, we explain:

Today’s digital tools achieve results that would be nearly impossible to accomplish by conventional artistic techniques. The computer is an interactive partner for many artists. We explore the potential of alternative image-making in combination with photography, painting, printmaking, and three-dimensional work. Overall control of the creative process remains in the artists’ hands—in varying depths of engagement with the computer and classic disciplines.”

As the synergy of our group continues to grow, we all work together with a combined focus on making art. We share struggles and successes—and celebrate ArtSynergies’ achievements.